Sacred Theatre Workshops 2016

Sacred Theatre Workshops 2016

GalaxySoulofWorldTouching Into the Soul of the World

The Power of Story

No sooner had I found the title for this year, “Touching Into the Soul of the World,” than I received an internet mailing from one of my favorite genii, Michael Meade, introducing a focus for his year, “Touching the Soul of the World.” Being Michael Meade, the world’s best storyteller, he will focus on stories and poems. And soul.

My own title is slightly different. We are to design our work together so that we touch “into” the Soul of the World. For some reason, that tender difference means something delicate and playful. With potential for mutual acknowledgement and mutual enrichment between our individual souls and the Soul of the World

The concept of the Soul of the World, while ancient, is beyond my capacity to grasp fully. I do know that this immense Soul sustains and nourishes all of us, even as our souls, through our capacity to feel and to yearn, contribute to its incomprehensible richness.

The Sacred Theatre task for the year is to play an intentional, conscious, and devoted role in nourishing Soul, our own, our neighbor’s, and the world’s. To create, together, profound experiences of, and deeper relationships with, the World Soul.

Through poetry, story, enactment, care and caring. And prayer.

As Rilke invites,

“So now my prayer is this:

You, my own deep soul,

trust me. I will not betray you.

My blood is alive with many voices

telling me I am made of longing.

What mystery breaks over me now?

In its shadow I come into life.

For the first time I am alone with you—

you, my power to feel.


“Touching Into the Soul of the World”

Four workshops: Duluth, Georgia; Lake Huron, Michigan; and two in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.


Duluth, Georgia

April 14-17

Contact: Ginger Sewell


On Lake Huron, Michigan

May 19-22

Contact: Sandy Ladd


Ocean Grove, New Jersey

October 20-23, and 27-31

Contact: Patti Kaufman

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