New Directions 2013

An Evolutionary Journey, from Creation to Creativity

Recently a close friend reminded me of how close I am to the final years of my life – in fact, I’m living them now.  She gently chastised me for focusing on extraneous work and worries, saying, “You’ve got to get on your own horse, and pull your own wagon to the finish line.” Meaning, I realized, that I need to focus on the work I want to accomplish and to complete in this lifetime, and also that the ‘finish line’ draws closer every single day. I took what she said seriously and began a practice of discerning what ‘my wagon’ is. In the process I remembered this:
My earliest experience of professional theatre happened when I was a girl in Texas. The family made a trek to a huge Houston auditorium to see what they told me was called a Passion Play. I didn’t know until I got into the theatre what that Passion meant: Easter week in the life of Jesus. Certainly a story I knew well in those days; my family members were dedicated Christians, Methodists.  And passion was what I felt. Not just for the story itself, but for the tremendous difference I experienced when the story was enacted. To see actors alive on stage, living a story before my eyes! What was born in me that day so many years ago was certainly passion, a passion for live theatre, for sacred plays.

In a recent conversation with another dear friend, I realized that’s what I want to do with the remainder of my years: provide a “stage” for people to recognize, celebrate, perhaps even enact, the passionate stories of their lives.

Thus was born my work for 2013: a series of Gatherings in which participants make a journey from the creation of the universe all the way to active, individual creativity, learning to know themselves as passionate artists of life. It’s called an Evolutionary Journey, from Creation to Creativity, and we will meet here in Ashland, OR.  We anticipate six sessions next year, and registration is open now for the Spring/Summer Series of three. Sessions will build upon one another but you can attend them individually, too. See more about it below.

Click here to read more details about an Evolutionary Journey and/or to register. And please forward this information to friends everywhere who may wish to join us.

A New Look at the Tree of Life

A new understanding of the traditional images and metaphor of the Tree of Life, enlivens the evolutionary journey toward creativity and the artful life.

Here is the story as I see it; the primary movement is in the use of gifts to create an offering:

* Our Universe spins out our earth, Gaia, as an offering to the All.

* Gaia, using all the gifts she is given, creates Life, and makes Life her offering to our Universe.

* All the gifts of Life come together and create the “ten thousand things.” But for the lineage of Creativity the most important of those is Love.  Love then becomes Life’s offering to the Universe and to the All.

* The great gifts of Love form a perfect offering to All that is, and that offering is Joy.

* Joy takes all her gifts and creates her offering, Inspiration.

* Inspiration similarly utilizes her gifts and creates the Imagination as her offering to All.

* From the gifts of Imagination comes an offering of Creativity.

* From Creativity comes Art, and each individual life as a work of art in process.

Our work as human beings is to craft as beautiful a work of art from our lives as possible, and then to make that artwork a dedicated offering to whatsoever we sense is greater than we feel ourselves to be.

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